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As you know there is a lot of money to be made in the work at home / make money online industry.

However,  many programs and products in this industry are outright scams and simply junk products with super high refunds rates (25-30% and up - YIKES!).

Just promoting those type of shady products will get you frowned upon.... and we all know how important YOUR reputation is and should be.

Niche Blitzkrieg is different and the raving fan base proves that.  As of 2012 we have over 8,000 members and a devout following.  We grew to this number with very few affiliates in only a year of being on Click Bank.

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  • Conversion Rate: As of 2012:  9.24% Conversion on our 7 day trial of  $4.95
  • Refund Rate As of 2012:  About 4.55% - AMAZING in this industry.
  • 96% retention rate - This is the amount of people who stay past the trial and take the upgrade ($77).
  • 56% Upgrade Upsell - The buyer gets the option to buy Niche Blitzkrieg basic or Niche Blitzkrieg premium.  The Regular version is $4.95 and then $77.00.  The premium version is $104 + 4.95 trial.
  • Low complaint rating - We don't force people to stay in.  We make it easy for them to leave.  We also provide amazing support which keeps our buyers HAPPY! We have dozens of positive reviews online in many forums and market places.

At Niche Blitzkrieg we run an extremely ethical course and an extremely ethical affiliate program.  Niche Blitzkrieg is not laced with false claims or inaccurate information like you'll often find in this niche.

You can rest assured all traffic you send us will be treated in the most ethical manner!

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  • I am personally active with affiliates:  I like to dedicate my time helping my business grow.  I do this through affiliates so each and every affiliate who is serious about making more money with my product is important to me.  I want to communicate with you!
  • Special Setups For Active Affiliates: If you start making sales with us we can work out special promotions for your customers you send through.  This can include special prices, webinars for just your people and special sales pages if you'd like.  If you are making active regular sales we will get you anything you need to make more (as long as it makes sense).
  • We Test: We are always looking for ways to increase sales and improve commissions for affiliates.  Why?  Because the more money you make the more we make - it's a win/win!
  • We listen: Most affiliate programs won't even listen to you.  We do!  If you have questions, ideas or just need something you can send us a request and we'll get back to you typically in 24 hours. 

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Michael S. Brown

Note:  You must adhere to all of Clickbank's Affiliate guidelines or you will be banned from the program.  We WILL NOT tolerate SPAM or unethical tactics.  You can find all of Clickbank's affiliate terms here.

Need to contact me personally to ask a question about the affiliate program?  You can find my support desk at Michael Brown Support.